Detectors Shop is a professionally managed distributor of original cash handling  equipment and currency counterfeit banknote detectors from world top manufacturers. Our goal is to provide each visitor of our website with top quality products, customer care and, of course, affordable prices. If you are looking for best quality detectors and other cash handling equipment online then you are at the right place.

Here you can find only the best equipment like DORS and VT. Detectors, checkers, video cameras, sensors, lamps, cables, chargers – everything for work with cash.


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About Us

Established in 2003, we offer wide range of banking and cash handling equipment such as Banknote Detectors (currency counterfeit detectors)Banknote Counters, and Banknote Binding Machines.

We distribute over 50 articles of money detectors of all types. Automatic banknote detectors (US dollars and euro), ultra violet banknote detectors, infra red banknote detectors, mini-detectors and add-on devices. Our automatic US dollar and euro detectors are designed for single currency, which makes them much more reliable than its Chinese counterparts. Effective, more than 99.9% accurate, they easily detect high precision counterfeit processed with intaglio printing (also called super counterfeit or super dollar).

Most of our products are CE certified. We offer superior European quality of products and post-sale service and stick to honest ways of conducting business. You can rely on us!

sales and customer care e-mail: [email protected]