DORS 1170 multifunctional counterfeit detector


The new INTAGLIO mode — the automatic interchange of white light and IR light with 10-fold increase.
The cashier can thoroughly check the security features of banknotes, such as:
perfect drawing of fine lines, without gaps and misalignments, printed in different colours visible under normal and infrared lighting.
7″ display of high resolution
Expert control of microlettering and microimages
Single-button control


DORS 1170 multifunctional counterfeit detector allows to verify the authenticity of the banknote due to the expert-level analysis of a range of the security features.

DORS 1170 is able to identify counterfeit notes of different quality, including super CF notes.


  • DORS 1170 is especially designed for usage in front cashier desks in retail. The detector has small foot-print and verifies the authenticity of the banknote due to the expert-level analysis of a range of the security features.

Distinguishing features

Infrared camera is positioned thus that captures a large area in from of the detector. So cashier can easily check the banknotes arranged like fan.

Two colour variants — black and grey.

Once a banknote is inserted into the slot, the screen automatically displays an image captured by 10x camera.

The banknote image from DORS 1170 can be displayed on PC’s monitor and can be saved as digital image or video file.

Depending on a position of a banknote, the device chooses the required operation mode automatically:

Operation mode Position of a banknote
Type of camera
On-screen indication of a control mode
General view mode, IR control (both 850 and 940 nm) Before
the device
General view
General view mode, IR blinking control (interchangeable 850/940 nm) 1хIR BLINK
Zoom mode, white light control In the slot 10x camera 10х WHITE
Zoom mode, control of intaglio printing by metameric ink (interchangeable white light and IR light) 10х INTAGLIO
Zoom mode, IR control 10х IR
Zoom mode, UV control 10х UV



  • IR camera for control of IR image of the banknote and for control in IR blinking mode (interchangeable 940nm and 850nm).
  • Verification of authenticity of banknote in the slot.
    • White light control with 10x magnification.The cashier can control the highly-accurate coincidence of thin multicolored lines that look like one line with several clear borders of colour changes.
      Different versions of micro images and micro texts. It is difficult to reprint these security features, so many cashiers pay their attention primarily to these elements. Thanks to DORS 1170 authentication of these elements becomes available to a wide range of users.
    • Control of INTAGLIO printing with 10x magnificationThis control mode allows to check the intaglio printing of IR marks: accurate coincidence of thin under white and IR light.
    • Metametic ink printing — method of printing when an IR-transparent image has a raised relief, i. e. paper distortion trace.

    • Microperforation. This control mode allows you to see the holes of microperforation and absence of raising relief around a hole in infrared light.

  • IR control with 10x magnificationThis mode allows to check IR image with 10x magnification.
  • UV control with 10x magnificationThis mode allows to check UV marks and luminescent fibres with 10x magnification.



DORS 1170
Display Colour 7» (18 cm)
Built-in video camera 2 pcs. (1х, 10х)
Video output +
Types of control:
      Infrared control 1х, 10х
      Two-band IR control (blinking mode) +
      Visible image 10х
      Ultraviolet control 10х
Power supply 100–240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
Power consumption,   up to 10 W
Dimensions  (WxDxH) 122х111х245 mm
Weight 0,24 kg
Manufacture DORS Industries LTD


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