DORS 125 UV banknote detector


Viewing UV detector. One 6W UV lamp and one 6W white lamp on the top.



Viewing UV detector. One 6W UV lamp and one 6W white lamp on the top.

Ultraviolet viewing counterfeit detector DORS 125 is equipped with combined upper lighting source that provides:

  • secure UV-control of absence of general paper luminescence background, presence of luminescent areas (image fragments, security threads and fibers);
  • secure reflected white light control of printing types, fragments of images made by optically variable inks, latent images, security holograms, printing defects and possible erasures.

Vertically placed single or fanned out bank notes can be checked in transmitted white light, that proves secure verification of watermarks, protective fibers, matching images of face and reverse sides of bank notes.

Types of control

  • Ultraviolet control
  • Reflected white light control
  • Transmitted white light control


  • One upper 6W UV-lamp
  • One upper 6W DL-lamp

Tech Specification

Power supply 220 V
Power consumption Approx. 25 W
Size Width 266 mm
Depth 131 mm
Height 150 mm
Net weight 0,8 kg

Instruction manual


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