DORS 15 MG-IR visualizer


Remote MG-IR visualizer, power supply from main device (DORS 130, DORS 140, DORS 1200).


Remote MG-IR visualizer, power supply from main device (DORS 130, DORS 140, DORS 1200).

Remote visualizer of magnetic and infrared marks DORS 15 provides:

  • Visualizing of special protective texts, marks and images made by ferromagnetic inks;
  • Authenticity verification of images made by IR-metameric inks.

Sound signal and glowing indicator inform about sensor activation. Sound signal can be switched off at any moment of work.
Sensitivity level of sensors can be adjusted for increasing verification accuracy; user can choose one of three levels for each sensor.

The necessity to adjust sensitivity is caused by a wide scatter of magnetic and IR characteristics among different types of bank notes. Moreover, bank notes of the same type may also significantly differ from each other both due to technological printing peculiarities and due to wearing out and blotting in the process of money circulation.

Special mat where the bank note should be placed is included into the DORS 15complete set. It is designed for better sensor contact with fragments of images made by ferromagnetic and IR-metemeric inks.

DORS 15 can be connected to ultraviolet counterfeit detectors DORS 130, DORS 140 and to universal viewing counterfeit detector DORS 1200.

Types of control

  • Magnetic control
  • Infrared control


  • Special mat for bank note placing

Tech Specification

Power supply 9 V (from DORS 130 / DORS 140 / DORS 1200)
Dimensions width 62 mm
depth 139 mm
height 32 mm
Net weight approx. 0,1 kg

Instruction manual


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