DORS 230 Multicurrency automatic detector


DORS 230 is intended for automatic authenticity control of different currencies. There is no need for user to know the security features of banknotes and the ways of their control.

  • Innovative patented banknote validation system (BVS).
  • All world currencies are in one database.
  • Touch screen instead of keys.
  • Multilanguage graphic animated interface.


DORS 230 has no limit on a number of supported currencies. Machine’s software and hardware make it able to recognize all world currencies through one template.

The technical solutions implemented in DORS 230 are unique for this class of equipment. These are innovative banknote validation system (BVS), touch screen, multilanguage graphic animated interface.



  • Multicurrency automatic detector DORS 230 is intended for automatic authenticity control of different currencies. There is no need for user to know the security features of banknotes and the ways of their control.


DORS 230 is essential in a Bank’s foreign currencies cash desk that provides a currency exchange for long list of currencies. The detector is verified an authenticity of those currencies that are respectively rare in that region or an authenticity of banknotes that were rejected by a banknote counter due to its wear and tear.

DORS 230 is recommended for a Bank’s cash desk to provide an additional verification of suspected notes of the national currency, DORS 230 can help to discover very sophisticated counterfeit notes.

DORS 230 is recommended for a retail cash desk (at supermarket, hypermarket, convenience store, service provider) where an average purchase has a high value. This detector helps to avoid the losses caused by poor skills of a teller in a field of banknote authenticity recognition through viewing detectors.

Due to small dimensions of DORS 230 and its built-in battery, it can be used by private persons for banknotes’ authenticity verification indoor and outdoor.

DORS 230 is a valuable and useful gift for a business person, a traveller, and those who loves smart gadgets.

Distinguishing features

DORS 230 has no limit on a number of supported currencies. Machine’s software and hardware make it able to recognize all world currencies through one template.

  • Device is equipped with a touch screen and a multilanguage graphic animated interface.
  • A type of currency is recognized automatically, no need to choose it manually from a currency list.
  • Any orientation of banknote is acceptable, no need to remember which way you have to insert a given currency.
  • DORS 230 has small dimensions and built-in battery.

Banknote validation system

The core of DORS 230 is the innovative banknote validation system (BVS) developed by R&D department of DORS and protected by 6 patents for inventions in Russia and in many other countries.

The essential part of authenticity verification in DORS 230 is high-resolution multirange CIS (contact image sensor).

How it works? During its way through detector, each banknote is scanned by transmitted light at six wavelengths of infrared and visible range. The built-in validation system is recognized a banknote’s currency and denomination, then verify its security features. If a note is genuine, it became a part of current session’s result.

DORS 230 is verified the whole images of a banknote as well as the areas where certain security features are situated (for instance, IR marks, water marks, security thread, serial numbers, etc.). The transmitted light is helped to scan the particulars of a banknote covered by ink or buried in a banknote’s paper.

The DORS banknote validation system is allowed to verify even those security features of banknotes that a relevant Central Bank doesn’t reveal officially. Previously such a high level of counterfeit detection was available through high-end banknote sorters only. It’s impossible to provide the same level of authenticity verification by means of automatic detectors of a previous generation that are based on point IR sensors and simple magnetic heads, that can’t scan and analyze the whole image of a banknote.

Modern user interface

  • The detector DORS 230 is equipped with a high-resolution color LCD 3.5″ (8.9cm)..
  • All functions of device are available through its touch screen display. It’s the first machine of that class thus equipped.
  • The interface of DORS 230 is based on technologies and art solutions used in modern mobile devices.
  • The results of detection are displayed with large bright numbers and letters. Due to it, display of DORS 230 is easily readable even by visually impaired people.

Functional capabilities

  • In course of banknote’s verification a display of DORS 230 is showing a currency and a denomination of the latest accepted genuine banknote as well as a total number and an amount of this currency’s genuine notes verified during a current session. When a suspicious note is detected, a message «Banknote is rejected» is appeared. The suspicious notes are not included in a total amount of the verified banknotes.
  • There are two ways of a verified genuine note’s output:
    • First way.
      It’s passed through rear slot and stored behind a machine. When a suspicious note is detected, a message «Banknote is rejected» is appeared, and that note is came back to the input slot. This way is convenient if the device is placed at the desk top.
    • Second way.
      All banknotes are returned to the input slot. When a suspicious note is detected, a message «Banknote is rejected» is appeared and an alarm signal is sound ed. This way is convenient if there is no free space behind a device.

When a customer pushes a button «REPORT», the detailed report is appeared on the screen. It’s included numbers, denominations, and amounts of all notes verified during a current session. If the report is occupied more than one screen, you can scroll it by touch to the screen.

Through device’s MENU it’s possible to adjust a machine to the customer’s needs (for example, to choose a screen’s theme, to adjust a sound level, etc.), and to get the info on a software versions of the machine.

At the top of the main screen there are an indicator of built-in battery’s charge level and the following fast access keys: an application «CURRENCY CONVERTER», choice of genuine note’s output, switch on a USB connection to PC, switch off a sound.

By means of built-in application «CURRENCY CONVERTER» it’s easy to convert an amount of one currency to amount of other currency, using a current exchange rate («we buy» or «we sell»).

A body of DORS 230 has a special mat finish resistant to fingerprints and scratches. This finish is also avoid a slipping of device during its handling.

A device has an easy-opening body that fixed by magnetic latches. It’s provided an easy access to the path for sensors cleaning.

Remote software update

  • Both controlling software and currencies database are updatable on the Internet via PC that is connected to DORS 230. A software update is available by means of special server. Customer can upgrade a machine to the latest version in one click. A match of the hardware and software versions is provided automatically when loading from the server.
Country Currency code (ISO 4217)
1.   Russia RUB
2.   United States USD
3.   European Union EUR
4.   Kazakhstan KZT
5.   Ukraine UAH
6.   Malaysia MYR
7.   China CNY
8.   United Kingdom GBP
9.   Uzbekistan UZS
10.  Kyrdystan KGS
11.  Hungary HUF
12.  Turkmenistan TMT
13.  Algeria DZD
14.  Sweden SEK
15.  Japan JPY
16.  Brazil BRL
17.  Tailand THB
18.  Chili CLP
19.  Uruguay UYU
20.  Argentina ARS
21.  Morocco MAD
22.  Moldova MDL
23.  Paraguay PYG
24.  Turkey TRY
25.  Israel ILS
26.  Switzerland CHF
27.  Poland PLN
28.  Denmark DKK
29.  Norway NOK
30.  Indonesia IDR
31.  India INR
32.  Sri Lanka LKR
33.  Australia AUD
34.  Singapore SGD
35.  Philippines PHP
36.  Saudi Arabia SAR
37.  Kuwait KWD
38.  Sudan SDG
39.  South Africa ZAR
40.  Botswana BWP
41.   Namibia NAD
42.  Mexico MXN
43.  Costa Rica CRC
44.  Peru PEN
45.  Azerbaijan AZN
46.  Georgia GEL
47.  Tajikistan TJS
48.  Belarus BYN
49.  Czech Republic CZK
50.  Vietnam VND
51.  Tanzania TZS
52.  Kenya KES
53.  Rwanda RWF
54.  Uganda UGX
55.  Canada CAD

The currency list is given as on December, 2017. New currencies are appeared every month. You can find the actual list of currencies in detector’s menu (item INFORMATION).


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