DORS 50 UV banknote detector


Viewing UV detector; one UV lamp 4W fixed on the top.

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Viewing UV detector; one UV lamp 4W fixed on the top.

Ultraviolet counterfeit detectors DORS 50 series are designed for visual counterfeit detection of world currencies, securities, documents, duty stamps and other special stamps.

Detector is used for authenticity verification of fluorescent protective marks in ultraviolet rays.

DORS 50 series detectors are widely used devices combining recent design developments and highest quality.

Original color palette “metallic” (black, silver, blue and purple) is used in accordance with user preferences survey. These compact size detectors fit naturally in any office or store design.


The unique DORS 50 series fail-safe circuit solution of the electronic ballast allows enhanced effective level and reliability of the UV-lamp:

  • Extends the service life of the lamp due to its smooth start;
  • Instant- start lamp switching;
  • Working lamp fully corresponds with the rated values;
  • Temperature protected electronic ballast of the device prevents the detector from overheating under high temperature conditions.

Absolutely new element base and manufacturability assembly method make these devices high-reliable and user-friendly items.

Ultraviolet counterfeit detectors DORS series 50 fully correspond to European safety standards and certified in accordance with CE.

Types of control

Ultraviolet control proves secure detection of the following bank notes and documents protective elements:

  • absence of general paper luminescence background;
  • presence of luminescence areas (marks, fibers, image fragments).


DORS series 50 are equipped with one upper 4W UV-lamp.

Tech Specification

Power supply 220 V
Power consumption Approx. 8 W
Dimensions width 190 mm
depth 96 mm
height 75 mm
Net weight 0,3 kg

Instruction manual

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black, grey, blue, purple


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