DORS 800


The counting of a mixed denominations with simultaneous authenticity verification of each banknote is based on 9 kinds of detection, including 4 obligatory machine-readable features: CIS scanning of the whole banknote allows to analyze visible and infrared images, as well as the accuracy of these images alignment; dual control of banknote paper background luminescence at UV light; magnetic feature verification throughout a banknote.

Thanks to online software update your DORS 800 always operates on actual database of the world currencies and counterfeit notes. The System determines automatically if the update on the banknote counter is required.

No need to waste time looking for the required mode, for currency and speed selection, add and batch modes. Pressing one button the required mode with necessary settings is activated.


DORS 800 is intended for counting of US Dollars, Euro and other world currencies with simultaneous authenticity verification, denomination recognition and with note sorting by orientation, face and denomination.

  • Quick solution for every cash handling task: batching, sorting by denomination and orientation.
  • The actual database of the world currencies and counterfeit notes.
  • Validation block of DORS 800 provides 9 kinds of authenticity verification, including 4 machine-readable features.
  • The path’s configuration allows to reduce the number of jams and stops significantly.
  • For operations in currency exchange offices
  • Save space on cashier’s desk
  • Event triggering of video control
  • Reliable counting of new and worn banknotes


  • DORS 800 provides 9 kinds of authenticity verification, including 4 machine-readable features that guarantee a recognition of counterfeit banknotes.
  • DORS 800 is designed for handling of any cash volume of cash, while the reject pocket allows non-stop counting and sorting of banknotes.
  • DORS 800 recognizes the currency by the first counted banknote. During one counting session the banknote counter saves the amount for each currency separately.

Distinguishing features

DORS 800 is intended for counting of US Dollars, Euro and other currencies with simultaneous authenticity verification, denomination recognition and with note sorting by orientation, face and denomination.

Switching functions and operation modes in one touch, there is no need to enter menu.

Using the buttons by the sides of the touch screen, you can save two most frequently used modes or for operations of two cashiers.

User-friendly interface by means of 4.3» color touch screen.

During counting the number of rejected banknotes is displayed in the bottom of the screen. The reason of each banknote rejection is available.

Quick access to the path: it is sufficient to open the banknote counter in one motion. Thus the whole path is visible: for example, the jammed banknotes or the dust can be easily removed.

Thanks to the optimal design of the reject pocket the possibility of throwing the banknotes out of the reject pocket is excluded.

Functional capabilities

  • MIX mode: counting mode for mixed denominations and orientations of certain currency. The detection of each banknote basing on 4 machine-readable features is activated in this mode. The cashier has the opportunity to see the detailed counting results for each denomination.
    • DENOMINATION mode: counting mode for the certain denomination of the banknotes regardless orientation. The banknotes of the same denomination are accumulated, all other denominations will be placed into the reject pocket. The cashier can set the batch size, the batch size can even exceeds the stacker limit. In this case the DORS 800 will compare the calculated number of banknotes with the preset and will continue counting to achieve the required number.
      This counting mode is carried out in two versions:

      • The user can choose the required denomination manually.
      • DORS 800 recognizes the denomination by the first counted banknote in the batch.

DENOMIANTION Mode is useful for preparation of banknotes for filling the ATM cassettes in the banks.

  • ORIENTATION mode: banknote counting mode with sorting by orientation. Orientation sorting is available for modes MIX and DEN. The cashier can choose the automatic recognition of the banknote orientation by the first counted banknote: all the banknotes with the same orientation as the first counted banknote in the batch will get into the stacker, the other banknotes will be placed into the reject pocket.
    • COUNT mode: piece counting mode.

COUNT mode has two essential features:

      • The detection of machine-readable features is off, nevertheless DORS 800 controls the banknote size.
      • Maximum counting speed, 1500 banknotes per minute.

This mode is used for checking the number of banknotes in the formed batch: on the one hand there is no need to check the banknotes’ authenticity; on the other hand it is required to verify the number of banknotes quickly.

Types of control

  • Visible image of banknote is examined through full-length CIS (contact image sensor). This type of detection allows to discover the counterfeit banknotes which differ from the original ones in visible range.
  • Infrared (invisible) image of banknote is examined through full-length CIS. This type of detection allows to find the counterfeit banknotes which differ from the original ones in IR range.
  • Comparison of visible and IR images, alignment of images. Often the counterfeit notes have well reproduced visible and IR images. Though it is difficult to achieve the alignment of images. This type of detection allows detecting the counterfeit banknotes which looks absolutely like the original ones in IR and visible light.
  • Several ultraviolet (UV) sensors working on transmission and on reflection provide the full control of banknote paper background luminescence. This type of control allows to detect the counterfeit banknotes which differ from the original ones in UV range.
  • The magnetic sensors group consists of the central 6-channels sensor and 2 magnetic side heads. Such position of sensors fully covers the magnetic marks of US Dollars, Euro and other world currencies.
  • The paper optical density is an average value of IR transmission passed through banknote. This is the basic level of control obligatory for every banknote counter. These sensors allow to control the evenness of banknote passing through machine.
  • Size control of a banknote.
  • The control of double notes, chains, notes with missing fragment is carried out in all counting mode.
  • Detection of jammed banknotes inside the device allows avoiding damage of large number of banknotes. Usually jams are caused by foreign objects in the path (paper clips, paper, etc.). In this case the first counted banknote gets jammed, though DORS 800 stops counting in order to avoid damage of other banknotes.
2-Pocket banknote counter
DORS 800
Display color LED 4.3″ (11cm)
Counting speed, banknotes per minute 600/900/1200/1500
Pocket’s capacity
800 banknotes
200 banknotes
100 banknotes
Types of detection:
     Visible image +
     IR image +
     Comparison of IR and visible images +
     MG control +
     UV control +
     Optical density control +
     Control of banknote’s length and width +
     Note integrity control +
     Double note control +
Power supply 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz
Power consumption, at most 240 Вт
Dimensions,  (WхDхH) 305х295х345mm
Weight 9.8kg
Manufacture DORS Industries LTD


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