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DORS CT1015 portable banknote counter


DORS CT1015 is designed to count banknotes of various currencies. Inexpensive solution to automate the process of counting.

Careful counting of banknotes of varying degrees of deterioration.
Compact size, it takes up little space on the operator’s desktop.
Work in the summation mode allows you to count any number of banknotes.
For convenience, two banknote limiters are included in the package of delivery.
Stationary or mobile use: powered by 220V or from 4 AA batteries.


  • Summarizing of recounting results
  • Automatic start of recounting
  • Autonomous power supply from 4 AA batteries

The DORS CT1015 portable counter comes with a carrying case that can be attached to the operator’s belt.


DORS CT1015 is successfully used by transport companies and couriers.


The mode of summing up the results of the conversion allows you to calculate any amount of money supply that is homogeneous at face value.
It is convenient when reconciling the number of banknotes in a bundle with the quantity declared according to the documents. It is also convenient when receiving a large number of banknotes of low denominations from the client, because it allows you to avoid recalculating each banknote manually.
The manual beginning of the counting mode allows you to control the beginning of the counting of banknotes: the cashier has the opportunity to evenly stack banknotes without haste.


Indication of the included operating modes: there is no need to remember all the counter settings, just look at the control panel.

Types of control

The optical density of banknote paper is defined as the average transmittance of IR light transmitted through the banknote. This is the basic level of control required for any banknote counter.

Portable banknote counter DORS CT1015

 Display 3 digit
Counting rate, banknotes per minute 600
The number of counted banknotes 120 old or 150 new
Power Supply 110-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
AC / DC adapter or
4 AA batteries
Power consumption, no more than  2 W
Battery Indicator +
Overall dimensions, (WxDxH) 190х102х75 mm
Weight 0,4 kg


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