VT-3000VS euro value counter

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The intelligent V&T-3000VS banknote value counter provides a fast and simple way to count value and detect EURO banknotes. It is cost effective, excellent accuracy and reliable processing of banknotes. This machine is especially designed and suitable for clients who have a large cash flow and secured currency need. The machine is upgradeable through the computer software.


Functional Capabilities

  • High Speed Performance
    The V&T-3000VS is possessed of high speed performance. The machine provides 3 counting speeds and the 3 speeds for choice are 600, 900 and 1200 notes per minute.
  • Counting, Batching and Accumulation
    – Batch counting function is available both in 3D mode.
    – The machine provides accumulation (ADD) function in all operation modes.
  • Friendly User Interface
    It is a user friendly design and it can be read very easily.
    All information displays in one screen page with no additional button pressing needed.

Distinctive FeaturesВ

  • The rejected banknote will be physically separated
    V&T-3000VS will provide the function of separating the suspect (rejected) banknote from genuine banknotes. The suspect (rejected) banknote will park on the stacker vane to keep away the rejected banknote from passed (genuine) banknotes on the stacker.
  • Mixed Denomination Value Counting
    The V&T-3000VS provides effective value counting of mixed denomination, as well as quickly process all the banknotes from 5 to 500 EURO with counterfeit detection.
  • 3D Sorted Denomination Value Counting
    The V&T-3000VS provides effective value counting with 3D sorting function and counterfeit detection. Automatically sort the banknotes according to the first genuine note recognized.
  • High Level Counterfeit Detection
    The V&T-3000VS has very strong counterfeit detection ability with variety of advanced and sophisticated sensors that can detect EURO banknote very well.
    Validating Methods : UV, IR, MG, MT and Photo Diode.
  • Conditional Upgradeable Architecture
    The machine is designed to base on V&T PDC (Programmable Detecting Chipset) system. The system is available to upgrade. (Download from PC)


VT-3000VS is certified accordingВ to European safety and electromagnetic compatibility CE standards.В

Types of control

  • UV, IR, MG, MT and Photo Diode.

Tech Specification

Item Description
Counting Speed 600 notes / Min (SLOW)
900 notes / Min (MID)
1200 notes / Min (FAST)
Banknote Size Range from 100х50mm to 185х100mm; thickness – 0,075-0,15mm
Hopper Capacity 300 notes
Stacker Capacity 100 / 200 notesВ
Counting Display Range 0000~9999 notes / 4 digits
000~999 / 3 digits (subsidiary)
Value Display Range 0000000~9999999 / 7 digits
Display Light diode, red with green indicators
Presetting Display Range 1~200 notes / 3 digits
Power 0.5A , AC 230V , 50Hz
Power Consumption ≦50W
Temperature / Humidity
0В°C ~ 40В°C / 40% ~ 90%
Banknote feed type roll
Dimensions 232mm(L) x 247.5mm(W) x 235mm(H)
Net Weight 6.0 kg
Gross Weight 7.1 kg


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